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The importance of Respratory Protection during Asbestos removal.

Asbestos or other airborne contaminant removal can be dangerous. It
is highly recommended that you hire professional asbestos removal
contractors to perform the job. While homeowners themselves can
handle some cases, it is important that you assess the situation and
your abilities before beginning such a task.

The Importance of Proper Equipment and Asbestos Removal.
No matter who tackles the removal, it is essential that the proper
equipment and clothing be used. Respirators and protective
equipment should be worn at all times. These precautions are to
protect one from breathing or spreading asbestos fibers. At
Dan-Marc Safety Equipment and Supplies you'll find the respirators,
non-fogging goggles, disposable coveralls with built-in booties,  and
disposable rubber gloves and rubber boots that should be worn
during asbestos and other airborne contaminant removal tasks.
Proper portable or fixed ventilation should be used to make sure that
the surrounding area around the removal area does not become

In addition to having the proper equipment, anyone who attempts this
undertaking must be familiar with the proper use of all essential
equipment. Half-face, dual cartridge respirators equipped with HEPA
filters should be worn by anyone attempting asbestos removal.
Full-face supplied air respirators or SCBA should be worn by anyone
working in or near any other airborne hazards. It is important to note
that respirators, when not properly used, can cause some difficulty in
breathing, especially when worn during strenuous work. For this
reason, it is a good idea to consult with a physician beforehand. A fit
test should also be performed. Fit test kits, SCBA, Full and Half-face
respirators can be found at our online store located at . If you do not see what you need feel free
to contact us at or give us a call at
330-343-5307 .

It is not recommended that you undertake this task alone. Ideally, at
least three people should work together. Having someone who can
handle the task of providing equipment when needed, without
worrying about constant cross contamination, makes the task much
easier. It is also recommended that you get several sets of
disposable gloves and coveralls, as they should be replaced each
time you leave the contaminated area. Another step in handling
contaminated workspace is to have a designated decontamination
area where a worker can go directly from the contaminated area to
remove and store all contaminated clothing. Dan-Marc Safety
Equipment and Supplies can provide you with everything you need to
clean up and dispose of contamination properly.
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